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About Indie Feed

Indie Feed offers listeners a chance to hear indie folk music from uknown artists.

Who We Are

Indie Feed was founded by Rufus, an avid music fan who wants to see indie folk artists get the attention and airtime they deserve. He started working with artists back in 2012, creating and sharing playlists that resonated with other music lovers. In February 2016 his love for music has switched platforms to YouTube and social media, and through Indie Feed he hopes to provide people like you with the best, hand-picked, indie folk music.

What We Do

Indie Feed Music provides a continuous stream of indie folk music to people around the world. When you want to hear some good indie folk, you can count on Indie Feed. We share and promote the best artists through our SoundCloud and YouTube. If you are looking for the best, unknown, and unheard of indie folk music; Indie Feed is the place to be.

Why Follow Us

As the best source for indie folk music, we supply our listeners with new songs each and every month, and we share them first on Indie Feed. We also offer a weekly update video with the best indie folk songs of the week, so there’s always fresh content on our pages for you to discover. Follow us and find out!